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Basement Ideas

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Basement does not have to be associated with a dark place where we find the stove, laundry, a lot of  baskets, boxes or other trash. Basements can be pleasant places where we can live and fulfill the dreams about regarding housing design. Why is this so important? Do not forget that the basement is a large room, which sometimes provides a space equal to one floor. Losing so many square meters is not acceptable.

Arranging the basement is a very general term – the most important is the idea, which we will follow when creating the project. Project gives basis for the selection of furniture, color and design. If you do not feel up to it, you have no idea or want to consult it with the experts – on this webpage you will find innovative ideas with examples of basements that have been arranged in this way. The idea is the most important factor in the overall project. So, see how you can arrange your basement.

Idea No. 1 – Living room in the basement

Frequently appearing idea when you want to change the basement or terminate its arrangement. Living room, a pleasant room where we can relax, enjoy the moments shared with family, talk, watch a movie, sleep, read a book – here we can do whatever we want.  Living room is the center of every home, in the basement, we can arrange a smaller living room, atmospheric, intimate. Only for residents.

Imagine a hard day of work, after which we should relax. Finding peace in a crowded home is a problem. Living room is often busy, there are children or other family members. Arranging the living room in the basement is the best way not only to provide a place of rest, but to acquire a functional, additional interior.

Idea No. 2 – Guest room


Guests appearing in the home is always a great fun for families. However, a lot of houses or apartments do not have any additional room or extra space for guests. So how do you arrange extra space without the high costs? Remodel basement to living room. Nice place, renovated, with nig bed or living-room furniture. Additional bedroom is useful not only for visiting guests – it can also be a quiet place where we can take a nap during the day.

Guest room is the second idea to arrange basement. Additional bedroom space is always useful. But keep in mind to completely renew the basement – after all, guests can not feel they are rejected and must sleep in dark basement.


Idea No. 3 – Bar


The dream of every man – his own bar at home. Arrangement basement, which will be a bar is the perfect idea and a dream come true. In this kind of you can arrange not only bar, but also games room, inserts billiard or other entertainment. There is a lot of alcohol, gaming machines – will be useful if the bar attributes, tables, chairs, glasses and other accessories. Own bar in the basement is a way to spend your time and use the basement in a creative way.

Bars in the basement is a new fashion. The dark side of this idea is the cost, which can be bigger that we imagine. The most expensive are the bar accessories and extras that you need to buy in order to arrange bar. However, the neon lights and the feeling of owning your own bar is a priceless experience.

Idea No. 4 – Children’s room


In the basement we can also arrange the children’s rooms. Of course children have their own bedrooms in the upper floors of the house. However, parents arrange additional room in the basement where the children can play. You can call them “children space“. This is where we can find the greatest toys. Large area allows to play with children in various games – now the bad weather will not interfere with playing mini hockey or other games.

The basement arrange as a children’s room should be bright, colorful and full of toys. If you decide to  create that kind of basement, you should not buy additional furniture.

Idea No.  5 – Entertainment


According to opinion  of many scientists, entertainment is the most important part of human life. Entertainment associates with forgetting about the problems and tribulations. That is a simply way to relaxes our mind and body. Relax faster, enjoy life – this has an impact on the health and well-being. That is why many people create in their homes specific games rooms or entertainment rooms. Full of gaming machines, consoles, accessories and gadgets. The rooms do not have to be associated only with adults – in these basements can play whole family, enjoying their presence.

Often in many basements we can see billiards. It is not a necessity – especially when there is no room in the basement on a large table for billiards. The idea also depends on how we interpret the concept of entertainment.

Idea No.  6 – Casino


Las Vegas in your home? Of course – legally and climatically. Arranging a private casino in the basement is great fun. If you are fans of casino games, like poker, roulette or slot games like Book of Ra – basement arranged as casino will be the best choice. Creating a casino requires giving the basement a specialized climate. Bar in casinos is very important too, but also it is quite expensive. But for true enthusiasts of casinos is not a problem. Just imagine the climate evenings in the basement, which creates private casino. Great fun for family and friends.

Idea No.  7 – Gym


Taking care of your body is not only running, you can practice at home by installing a private gym. The problem is that we do not always have a spare room to be able to insert there training equipment. Basement is a perfect place for a private gym. Without limitation, we can insert there treadmill and other appliances to exercise.

Creative ideas for basements from specialists

Creativity is what you need – the basement arrangement is an opportunity to remodel gloomy and unused place to new, innovative, usable space that will enjoy the possibilities and every piece of furniture. Change the basement, use the space, fulfill dreams – is the perfect solution for everyone. Ideas come from the company Rob’s Quality Construction – specialists who deal with remodeling, repairing and basement finishing. Change your basement now! Use additional space and fulfill your dreams!


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Would you like to share your thoughts?

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